Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This was one of those wonderful, event and sometimes drama-filled weekends.  Lots going on, but it's all blurring together in my head.  All in all, pretty successful and fun. 

I took Monkey to Princesses on Ice this weekend.  She's never been the Princessy type, but she looooves Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  And I love figure skating and sort of hope she will, too, someday, so I thought this would be fun.  And it was.  We rode the metro, which she adores, and I totally gave in to the crass Disney commercialism which abounded.  Lost a lot of respect for Disney, actually.  They resorted to every parent-hated sales strategy there is, including parading light-up toys made of crap Chinese plastic and super-sugary brightly colored nasty not-really-food up and down the aisles during every pause.  There was no escaping it.  And the toy I ultimately sprung for - a Barbie knock-off of Belle - is total trash.  Twenty-two dollars of I'm embarrassed my kid owns this trash.  Belle's dress might as well be made of paper, her hair is nasty, and her head comes off a few times a day.  The shoes she came with don't fit.  Are just too small.... it's bizarre.  Why would you even provide shoes for a doll that will NEVER FIT on the doll's foot?!?  So I'll tred carefully around Disney in the future, which is sad.

Anyway, we really had a lovely time, overall.  It really hit me very hard, actually, going to this big show with her.  So many people, such chaos, but such flutters in her little heart over the excitement.  And when we walked into the arena and the light were low, and Tinkerbell was already skating and we hurried down the dark stairs so we wouldn't miss a single minute of it.... I started to cry.  Happy tears.  For some reason it was all very overwhelming and felt like a huge childhood milestone.  She's just such a KID now.  I was just bursting with who knows what?  Sappiness?  Totally.  It was great.  I know, that's hugely hypocritical.  Can I love the experience of the trashy show but hate the trash?  Love the game but hate the player?  For now, I'm okay with that.  But the next movie I introduce her to will probably be Pixar.  :)

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