Thursday, February 3, 2011

Baby Lion

This is my sweet, sweet boy. Those big blue eyes take it all in. He's sooo physically active, but calm nonetheless. My mellow child - how did THAT happen? He's persistent, but methodical. He chooses his 'words' carefully, but when he decides to be vocal, look out.

I call him my Lion. He was a Lion (not cowardly!) to his sister's Dorothy for Halloween, and it stuck. Mostly because he pursues whatever he has his eye on. Usually electronics or stairs. Or anything that splashes. Bathroom doors stay shut, since he a) climbs into the tub, b) thinks the toilet seat is a teething ring, and c) SPLASHES.

He identifies that phone from across the room, and moves steadily to claim it. Cannot be distracted. Overcomes obstacles in his path cleanly, silently sneaking up on it until it's in his jaws, before you even knew he was there. Immediately zeroes in on any moving object like he's been programmed for it.

He can be so serious. I'm still getting to know him, but he's his own man. He greets Mommy in the morning with a gleeful, quiet smile. Then starts to climb out of his crib.

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