Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Groove going again.

I finally feel like I'm getting a groove going with this parenting-solo thing.  I'm not going to call it single parenting, because I think that a huge part of what makes that difficult is living on a single income.  But that's a tangent.  I'm just getting the hang of things after two-plus months.  I no longer dread doing dinner and two bedtimes alone.  I get home, get the download from our nanny, finish dinner with Monkey while feeding Lion and myself.  Then a few minutes of play, or dancing, or Valentine-making before Lion gets plopped into bed.  Monkey hangs out while we do his routine, which is sweet.  Then Monkey to bed herself, relishing her new pajama options. 

What's more, I no longer resent not having anyone to talk to or sit with.  Actually, I'm starting to really enjoy the silence once the kids are in bed.  I get to pick my own TV shows - no more Military Channel! - or even just read quietly in bed without feeling compelled to wring some quality time out of the few hours we get after work.  Or last night, when I had a marathon conversation with an old friend that was seriously invigorating.  I never would have done that if hubbie had been home.  Tonight I may DVR a movie that hubbie NEVER would have gone in for.  Something sensitive and gushy.  Or (gasp) introspective.  Or with subtitles! 

Now, of course, the problem is his life-sucking project is almost over.  This is a great thing, and I'll be glad to have him back.  But I will soon have to give up my new found independence, just when I've grown to appreciate it.  Isn't that the way it always works?

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