Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Getting Ready...

It's harder than I thought to get into the habit of posting here.

We're about a month and counting now. The books tell me Fallu should be around 5 lbs and be entirely capable of surviving on her own. Thanks in large part to the two amazing showers we had, I think we're pretty well-equipped. Good thing, too, since the house can't hold any more baby stuff. Craig swears we have at least one of everything. The nursery furniture should be arriving in the next week or so, and the contractors should be out of the baby's room today or tomorrow. I'm so ready to get that room ready... plus it means regaining exclusive domain over our second floor! I'll post a picture of her room and playroom when things are done. They've built the closet door so it looks like a dollhouse, complete with cedar shake roof! I think Fallulah's roof is in better shape than the real roof. Of course, that isn't a very high bar to set.

We have a few key appointments left - interviewing the presumptive pediatrician tomorrow, the last baby store run this weekend, car seat inspections next Wednesday, and a BabyCare Skills class next Saturday. The rest is simply getting things done at home. Since I still have over 50 percent good days, I'm eager to get things done - I'm mostly functional yet very aware of what the nonfunctional days feel like! I'm working from home on Thursdays now, which is a big help in terms of keeping energy levels high.

The next entry should have some house pictures. Can't wait!