Thursday, February 3, 2011

"Irritable and Difficult"

Just got off the phone with Monkey's teacher. I had been dreading this conversation ever since our nanny told me (teacher told her) it was coming. Particularly since Monkey has been a total wreck for the past four days. Worst.Monkey.Ever. Banshee screaming like I've never seen it - actually left me shaking the first time (it's only been twice).

I'm rarely at a Total Loss for how to deal with her, but I was. And so when our nanny told me the teacher would be calling, all I could think was Please, God, do Not let Monkey have done that at school. Turns out it's just been a little testing of the new teacher. Ha. That's nothing. Test away, Monkey. We have you covered.

But I do need to concoct a strategy in my head for how to mange these crazy outbursts, or she will quickly turn into one of THOSE children. I bought four books off of Amazon. Parenting with Love and Logic, Kazdin Method, 1-2-3 Magic, and How to Talk So Children Will Listen.... Now I have to find time to read them??? Internet search efforts to figure out which is most worth my time have failed.

Hubbie is working like a crazy man, rarely home before bedtime even once a week and gone most weekends. So I don't blame her for acting out - everything is off kilter. Plus yours truly is super stressed out for all the single parenting, and probably not being the most consistent of disciplinarians. But, ugh. I love and value my time with them so much, and it kills me when it is unpleasant, high-conflict, I'd rather-be-at-work time.

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