Thursday, February 3, 2011

A lot seems to have happened since...

... I left this blog for lost.  Monkey turned one.  And two.  And three.  She started preschool around two and a half and LOVES it.  And when she was three and a half, she got a baby brother.  Her baby.  Who shall be called Lion.  More on that later.  She's a great big sis, although sometimes the hugs are a wee bit too strong.  Lion's learning to wriggle away, though.  He shows every sign of being able to hold his own.  :)

Here are some of my favorite pics you missed out on, in rough chronological order.

 Dad and Monkey on her first Christmas.
 Monkey's Christening; on her first birthday,
 At the beach.
Little Miss Contemplative.
 4th of July; getting ready to watch the parade.
 We went through a loooong phase where EVERY picture involves trying to make this face.  They're darling.  At least the first 56 were darling.

The ridiculous amount of snow we got in December/January 2009-2010.
 The cutest school photo EVER taken.  Ever.

Someone likes the beach.  And mugging for the camera.

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