Thursday, February 3, 2011

I meddled today

I don't like meddling. Or conflict in general. But today, for unknown reason, I felt empowered. So when I dropped Monkey at school and another child volunteered he had puked last night (after having been out with a stomach bug), and his nanny confirmed he still felt terribly but his parents said he should go to school, I felt justified. Went to Head of school, recounted story, and said he needed to go home. Why does that make me feel mean? Poor boy should have been home recuperating and I canNOT handle the stomach flu in my house right now. Or ever, really, when it should have been avoided. The school has a very clear policy on this, by the way.

Blech. Fingers crossed Monkey doesn't get sick. Not to mention the Lion. Cannot handle the idea of Baby Lion puking. I was tempted to tell Monkey not to play with him today, but figured that would have been cruel to the poor kid. No need to make his day any harder than it already was. Have I mentioned I hate conflict?

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