Thursday, February 3, 2011

Overdoing it. Easy does it.

So I'm back.  Trying to restart this blog thing originally initiated about four years ago.  Doing too much.  Trying to refocus my OCD on doing a limited number of things with intention.  And calm.  I owe the kids that much.  Ironically, a lot of how I want to do that is by taking on something new - this.  It's therapeutic, and let's me reflect on how well I'm doing.  So here goes.

"You're spread too thin."  I think the first time I heard this was in middle school. It's been a theme. Our wonderful nanny, Tammy, who lived with us for a few years when I was a young teenager, visited a few months back and said she learned how to multi-task from me. I'm not sure I take that as a compliment, especially since I've been thinking a lot about the quality of my non-work time. This is a really new thing for me. In school, at work, and in housework, time spent is all about how productive you can be, right? I'm "results-oriented," in public policy lingo. And I'm really good at it.

I'm also a ridiculous over-researcher and contingency planner. My current project is summer camp. My spreadsheet has 9 camp options, sortable by price, dates, location, key activities, etc. Next year will be kindergarten apps for one and preschool apps for the other. Hold on to your hats.

Thing is, "results-oriented" and over-researching don't really translate into quality time with my kids. And I get SO little time with them, it just has to be high quality. So I resolve to stop multi-tasking them. No checking iphone email while we hang out, no running errands during my hard-fought one afternoon a week with Monkey. I'm sure there will be exceptions, but I want to be fully engaged.

So this blog is meant to force me to reflect. Slow down. Remember and process. Live instead of plan. Plus be a vehicle to talk things out. Dear Husband doesn't really relate to my need to reflect on and debate all the variables the way I do, and since friends have their own lives to lead (sniff) and can't really spend all day on the phone with me rehashing (as we did in high school), I'm going to use you, dear reader friend, for this purpose.

I think it will be healthy for me, with hopefully some fringe benefits for my family, and maybe (maybe?) entertaining for you in the process? Fingers crossed.

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