Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's funny.  While Monkey was clearly glad to have her Dad around this weekend, she also did a lot of acting up.  When it's just me, life is very calm, because I've learned not to take very much on when I'm outnumbered.  But with him back this weekend, we went back to our usual errand running.  Plus Daddy doesn't really lend himself to planning - that's more my thing - and we never stick to the kids' nap or food schedules, invariably causing meltdowns.  Plus he really wanted to have time with her, so I took Lion most of the weekend while they went to the playground, rode bikes, etc.  And while I know she enjoyed that time, she also tends to do better with some Mommy one-on-one.  I'm assuming the combination of things contributed to her tough weekend, behaviorally.  But today is our afternoon together, so hopefully we'll get things back on track.  Plus Hubbie left yesterday for a three day trip, so we're back to our super calm survival mode anyway.  Although not without a difficult transition back into single parenting as the kids see the changes again.  Just more evidence that what we need is more calm, more contemplation and quality time, and less busy busy.

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