Friday, February 11, 2011

Filling the weekend

I just looked at the calendar and realized we have NO plans this weekend.  Not a one.  No birthday parties, no errand obligations, nada.  I sort of don't know what to do with myself, although with hubbie's work-a-thon 2011 ongoing, it's more like what to do with myself and two small children in tow.  I'd really like to go furniture hunting, but that sounds like a bad idea, no?

With Lion's Christening coming up (if we don't reschedule it... no one seems able to come!), the thought of having people to our house is inspiring some frantic pondering about sprucing things up.  I love that we took our time finishing the interior of the house... especially since I've been really unhappy with some things I rushed to get down when we first moved in.  How we use the house has changed SO much.  I have some regrets, and when it comes to furniture purchases, that STINKS.  But we've been here for over six years now (can it be??), and I've never been happy with the living room, among others.  And the years of acquisition of kid stuff with no time to organize it haven't helped. 

If I could only do something about the monster, formal sofa we inherited from the in-laws.  It's lovely and unique, and we dropped a bunch of money reupholstering it (one regret).  But formal is all wrong for our lives.  I have no idea how to work around it.  But I think if I find two relatively neutral and traditional occasional chairs to go opposite it, it will at least complete the room and hopefully not limit us in our ability to use them again later when we can plan to really get the room the way we want it.  Maybe this should contribute to the decision to reschedule?  If we do, that gives me more time to find the chairs!  Hee hee.

But seriously, we haven't even decided on a Godfather, and NONE of his biological Aunts and Uncles can be there.  Neither can one Grandparent.  Not an auspicious start.  Not that it has to be a big shindig, but it's such a nice time to give people an excuse to get together.  They haven't seen him in so long!  Methinks this is one of those decisions I actually need Hubbie's input to make, though, and he's impossible to reach.  That's my excuse.

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