Thursday, February 3, 2011

By a thread

I'm having one of those weeks (okay, it's been more than a week) when I feel like I'm barely hanging on. Hubbie is totally MIA for a work project, has been for weeks, and will be for a few weeks more. This single parenting thing STINKS, people. Seriously hard. I have tried to tell every single parent I know just how awesome I think they are.

Regardless, when I got sick a little over a week ago, I went completely militant about not spreading germs. Pretty much slept for two days straight, even though I don't have any sick leave. Then last Thursday Lion went super cranktastic and started running a fever. Bronchitis AND an ear infection. How long had THAT been coming on that I didn't even notice? I feel like a bad, bad Mommy that he obviously was sick several days (at least) before we caught it, but the pediatrician kindly reassured me I must have a child with a high pain threshold. (I always thought that would be a good thing, but no.)

Friday night, from Monkey's room, comes the cough. The hacking, seal-barking croup cough. So with me barely back on my feet and committed to speaking about four hours away on Saturday, both kids are down. We went anyway, since we all needed a change of pace, and we thought four hours in a warmer direction and some fresh air might be good for everyone. Instead, my kids made the hotel their own personal infirmary and laid in bed for two days straight in another state. Monkey was delighted. Through the fever, she kept raving about how "they bring food to my BED." Child loves room service. go figure.

Anyway, long story short, Monkey is finally back at school today after over a week, Lion is better but still on the clingy, finicky side, and husband is sick, but working through it. Of course. And I'm exhausted. Two coughing kids means I don't sleep for worrying, and that isn't the greatest way to get better yourself. Then I got food poisoning. And now I'm a zombie. Don't really want to eat, but am getting weak for lack of it. And really, desperately need a full night sleep. Maybe tonight? Wish me luck.

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