Friday, February 11, 2011

Gosh I love childcare arrangements.

Are you kidding?  Our nanny texts yesterday morning that she's got a stomach bug.  Hubbie is still working constantly with no flex, and I'm still way negative on my leave from taking maternity leave.  So any time I don't work I don't get paid.  And I need to get paid.  So I get Monkey a playdate after school until 3pm, but what about the Lion?  We have grandparents in the area, so they can bail us out sometimes.  But Granddad doesn't think he's up for the Lion... too active.  And Mimi has an appointment she can't move.  So I just lost a day of work. 

Granted, it was a nice day.  Got to spend some quality time with Lion, visit with some of the other Moms, and then pick Monkey up myself, which she loves.  Cancelled the playdate after realizing I'd have to be home anyway.)  Ran some errands and did laundry.

But again, this morning with the scramble.  Mimi coming over to play with Lion.  Monkey getting picked up by Granddad.  How to get him a carseat?  Lay out everything for Mimi.  Get to work.... 2 hours late and after boss arrives so I'm totally busted.

Balance is a crock.

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