Thursday, March 3, 2011

Blog Challenge - Day 3.

Day 3.  A photo that makes you happy.

There are SO many pictures that make me super, super happy, but I have to choose this one.  This is the day we brought Lion home.  Monkey had been so, so stressed toward the end of my pregnancy and some wise woman had told me that kids either had trouble right before or right after the arrival of a new sibling.  This was the moment I could see she was right, and that Monkey would be able to chill, welcome Lion, and everything would be all right. 

I had read repeatedly that when I came home from the hospital, it was important to not be carrying the baby to be able to hug older children and show them how excited you are to be back home with them, first and foremost.  So we did this, and I came in looking to scoop up my Monkey and hold her tight.  Plus I missed her desperately.  Since it was during the H1N1 outbreak she wasn't allowed to visit me in the hospital and we'd had only an illicit lobby rendezvous.  It was the longest I'd ever been away from her.  She, however, was totally uninterested in me.  First words out of her mouth? 

"Where's my baby?"

So we were cool, and to this day the sibling interactions I have to keep an eye on are those where she wants to pick him up, hold him, feed him, etc.  She does have her moments of territoriality, but we've been able to handle them pretty easily so far.  [Knocking on wood.]  The interesting challenge will come when he's more verbal and able to compete with her for conversational time.  My Monkey's a talker, and I've already noticed that Lion saves his words for when he has me alone and then lets loose.  It's truly hilarious.  Our one-on-one time is a total gabfest; he just never stops 'talking.'  So if I've got two constant talkers, things could get exciting.  Hubbie and I will never have a conversation again.

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