Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Madness reigns

As I'm writing this, I'm recalling the madness just before Monkey was born. Fallulah was her wonderful pre-natal name - thanks to Aunt E for that - and now that we know her we're calling her Monkey.  I had blocked it out, but it's all come flooded back. Since I neglected to post, here's a recap.

My nesting instinct kicked in just as we sent the contractors packing - unfinished - six weeks over schedule and one week before Fallulah was due to arrive. Many thanks for the HAS gang for email "talking" me through my multiple house-related panics. For your enjoyment, I've attached some pictures of the chaos that was left behind for us to resolve in a week. And not exactly a high mobility or high energy week, either.

Dining Room


Living Room

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