Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Fourth Trimester

Monkey spent her first few months doing what I guess most new babies do - eating, sleeping, and, well, you know. And being held - LOTS of being held. She wouldn't sleep except on my lap or in my arms (or Daddy's) for quite some time. I know you're supposed to sleep when they do, but I couldn't. So I watched a lot of movies on very low volume with a sleeping baby in my arms. I was so thankful for the day we could start using the Baby Bjorn and I could at least move around while she slept! She was an enthusiastic cuddler and eater from the beginning.

Fabulous Aunt LC spent her spring break with us and finally showed me it could be fun to get out of the house. Grammy came up from South Carolina for a week and did most of the holding while I struggle to get the hang of a medieval torture device called a pump. And Uncle Jamie visited from Kansas and took some of these amazing pictures - I see no need to tell you which - it's obvious.

The 2nd bath didn't go as well as the 1st...

Easter is exhausting!

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