Saturday, January 6, 2007

Adventures in Pregnancy

My first attempt at blogging - reflections on how I could have my perfect personal life and career - was quickly derailed by the discovery that my personal life had asserted control. We were going to be parents. Fallulah was on her way. Since it drives me crazy that I ended up marrying, living, and working in my own hometown while so many of the people that MADE it home left, I'm hoping this blog lets me share a little more of Fallulah with everyone (we'll call her that until we actually meet her). I grew up seeing Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and cousins frequently, and it makes me pretty sad to know that Fallulah will have a less-than full complement of those people around for her childhood. So for those of you still here - stay put! Maybe she'll have cousins in town someday, but it doesn't look promising so far.

As of today, Fallulah is approximately negative twelve weeks old and counting. We're told she's around 15 inches long and weighs about 2lbs. She likes to wait until I'm still and start to kick. It's still such an amazing feeling, even when she gets moving just as I'm falling asleep. I may feel differently in the next few weeks as sleep becomes an increasingly precious commodity. For now, my diet is fine and energy levels are good. I have frequent heartburn and occassional all-body swelling (what a joy), and sitting down and standing up are getting difficult. The last two weeks have brought small doses of nausea and backpain - hopefully they won't get much worse.

So here's the deal: I promise to update this as often as possible, especially once she arrives and we have actual adventures to report. In return, you have to promise to keep in touch and be a part of her life, whether you live here or not.

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